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JUNE, 2018

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Some say nothing has changed, that web design in 2018 will be the same as 2017, but the truth is that web design trends are constantly evolving. It isn’t a matter of changing your website all the time, but rather preventing it from falling behind in terms of design and technology. So, if you think the time has come to freshen up your website, keep reading!

Web design in 2018

If your website has reached a certain age and you know the time is ripe for an overhaul but you are unsure about taking the leap, 2018 is a good year to do it. This year’s trends anticipate major transformations in terms of improving the user experience, so this is a challenge that every company should try to tackle.

We are talking about changes in a web site’s design, from the skeleton or main structure all the way to more superficial features that nonetheless have their effect on the user’s browsing experience.

In short, if there is anything you need to address this year as a company that operates online, it should be your web design.

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Web design trends

As we said, transformations in the web design universe will range from the very basics, i.e. from the foundations of the website to the most tangential elements that happen on the edge of the website but are equally important. To make things clearer, here is a detailed breakdown of the web design trends we can expect to see:

The skeleton, structure or layout of your website

What is in store for web design? Starting from the base, there are three specific designs that appear to be the best options in terms of the change you need to improve the browsing experience on your website: modular design, skeleton design and progressive web apps.

In modular web design, the site works in independent modules. This helps enhance the capacity of the site in question to adapt to each device’s dimensions.

Skeleton web design is when elements are loaded in stages going from the most simple to the most complex. Whilst loading, the skeleton is shown on the screen to give the user an idea of its structure. The most positive side of this type of web design is great usability.

Regarding progressive web apps (PWAs), they behave much like a native app but using web technology, which means they take up less space and offer better functionality.

“The year ahead comes with no shortage of challenges for anyone wishing to modify their web design; after all, having so many transformation options makes it difficult to choose the right one for each site”

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Your colour scheme

If 2018 were to mean only one good thing for website design it would be a final farewell to the grayscale and a shift to colour, experimenting with colours and new tones that will become brighter and bolder to show that your website is more alive than ever.

This year is all about vibrant colours, fading effects and bichrome: using more than one colour to create nuances and enrich the final result.

Flat design – the king of shapes

The concept of flat design in web design is essentially the opposite to making things look realistic or 3D. In more technical terms, it is known as pseudomorphism and so far it was the dominant style on the web design scene. Flat design eliminates all kinds of three-dimensional effects in favour of flat elements. One advantage is that it simplifies the use of colour and typographies to create a minimalistic style. This naturally makes design work much easier too.

Pictures and videos

When adding a video or image to a website, it is important to consider how this will affect the time it takes to load other elements to make sure it does not compromise usability. This requires new methods to make it as efficient as possible.

So it is that trends like hero images came into existence. Heroes are banner images that take up the entire width of the site and help to attract the user’s attention at a glance. Generally speaking, they are used at the very front of the design, providing highly positive visual results. As well as pictures, you can use a GIF or video for the same purpose, which will use up less of the site’s resources than a slide show.

The year of typography

A lot of companies have never established their own identity manual, but when creating a web design it is just as important to work on your colour scheme as on your typography. The power of typography to influence usability and the user experience is not to be overlooked.

This will be the year when we finally wave goodbye to those dull fonts that do nothing to enhance your website or make it stand out. It is time to change. Instead, we will see a surge in bolder typographies full of character and potential for success.

All in all, the year ahead comes with no shortage of challenges for anyone wishing to modify their web design; after all, having so many transformation options makes it difficult to choose the right one for each site. Realising this, at Novaigrup we have a team of designers who understand your needs and can offer you a design that fully adapts to your business goals.

Ready to embrace these web design challenges with us? We are here to help you complete this mission.

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