What is the concept of guerrilla marketing all about? Well, in a nutshell, the term encompasses any kind of marketing action or strategy that happens outside the box, i.e. beyond strictly conventional marketing. Guerrilla marketing basically intends to surprise the target audience, so flashmobs would be a great example.

How about street marketing? The difference between the two concepts is not huge, but we can essentially say that street marketing applies to actions that take place outdoors or in public places. A typical example that might help you understand would be promotional campaigns in shopping centres.

Having said that, it is important to mention that street marketing is not the same as ambient marketing. People often get them mixed up, but there are differences. Broadly speaking, the difference lies in the types of elements involved. In street marketing it is all about novelty, putting new elements in a setting where they would not usually be seen, whilst ambient marketing uses existing urban features to send a message using well-known elements but with a completely original twist.

Guerrilla marketing

The special thing about guerrilla marketing is that it is implemented in unexpected places with the clear aim of surprising the audience. This explains why the key element in any guerrilla marketing action is creativity. The idea tends to consist in turning an everyday situation or object into a new experience that will be engraved in the memory of everyone involved.

The aim is to make a big impression on the user or consumer but with a small budget, which is often linked on the scope of the action. This type of marketing tends to reach a wide audience that the competition may not have access to, meaning the brand is broadening its visibility.

Another of the advantages of guerrilla marketing is establishing much more direct and dynamic contact with consumers.

This type of marketing does not necessarily take place in public areas. Although we are used to seeing it in the street, the truth is that any context can be good for some guerrilla marketing action.

Street marketing

Bringing the brand or product straight to the consumer – that could be considered the goal of street marketing. To achieve that goal, companies carry out all kinds of actions in the street and in public places.

One of the key ingredients is inventiveness because, regardless of how low your street marketing budget is, it is paramount to deliver something special and unique to the consumer.

All these promotions, communication actions and advertising campaigns in urban areas and public spaces generally feature an item or action that will impress onlookers and catch their eye.

Another good thing about these strategies is that they can be deployed jointly or separately and that, as long as the actions meet the requirements we mentioned above, they will be hugely beneficial to the company.

Bear in mind that all these offline actions should be backed by online tactics to ensure they penetrate all your different channels so you can leverage the advantages of each one. This could involve designing a website or virtual store, launching an email marketing strategy, etc.

Combining offline and online marketing will open up a whole new world of advantages and success for your campaign.