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For a lot of companies, the new year is a good time to lay out the digital marketing strategies they will need to reach the year’s commercial goals. Competition is tough in the ever-changing online marketing sector. The marketing + companies + Internet triad has changed the way a market is approached. A company that is not online simply does not exist. Today, being part of the World Wide Web is a must to sell any kind of product or service. One of the best ways to showcase a company’s services is Internet marketing, a tool that helps to reach customers and clients easily, quickly and effectively.

The latest digital marketing trends to make it on the market

Content will still be king

Content is one of the most important elements on a website. It is the key to attracting visitors to your site or corporate blog. But it has to be quality content. The reason is that ever since Google recently changed its algorithm, the world’s biggest search engine awards a higher rating to websites that feature original, quality content. Bear in mind that a website’s content can be anything: videos, images, copy, infographics, etc. So, if your company is interested in investing in online marketing, take care to post quality content so that everyone can find you easily on Google. To make that happen, a good blog marketing strategy is a great option.

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Mobile and responsive technology

Successful marketing involves companies adapting their website so it can be displayed on mobile devices thanks to responsive technology. This essentially means that their content adjusts to any kind of screen, whether it’s a small smartphone or a big computer. There is hard data showing that 90% of the time people use mobile phones to go online, as opposed to a computer or tablet. As consumers, we use our smartphones to access the Internet, look for deals, send out CVs… Basically, we use them to search for information. The numbers show that a good marketing strategy must factor in mobiles to reach a wider audience and ultimately attract more customers and boost sales. To achieve this, web platforms – including blogs, web pages, corporate sites and so on – are having to adapt to mobile phones so as to ensure their products and services reach everyone.

Live streaming

2016 saw the birth of live broadcasting, also known as streaming. Last year, social media launched a range of apps for digital streaming. The most noteworthy among them are: Periscope by Twitter and, of course, the world’s most famous social network has hopped on the bandwagon with Facebook Live. Other platforms such as YouTube also joined in with YouTube Connect, and Instagram is currently testing this new format. The system is being used in enterprise to offer services, do interviews with clients, hold meetings, etc. So, we are likely to see streaming in more and more marketing strategies this 2017.

Virtual Reality or VR

Technology is ploughing forward at a dizzying pace, and one of the clearest examples is virtual reality. VR opens up a world of possibilities, especially in the Internet marketing sphere. Keep in mind that just last year the major mobile phone brands started launching smartphones that work with this kind of technology. As if that were not enough, Facebook has decided to join the party and is currently exploring this field with its Oculus system. It recently became commonplace to hold job interviews on Skype, so we should not be surprised to see companies in the next few years starting to use virtual reality in interviews, to offer products and, basically, as a new way to communicate with clients and customers. Knowing this, it is important for companies wishing to deploy their digital marketing strategies not to overlook this up-and-coming technology which is here to revolutionise the online marketing world and the market in general.

“If you are interested in investing in online marketing, take care to post quality content so that everyone can find you easily on Google”

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SEO with a client focus

Not long ago, corporate marketing models were defined by a clear product and price focus. Digital marketing trends, however, are now heading in completely the opposite direction. Internet marketing strategies are all about the client. The reason is that SEO – which stands for Search Engine Optimisation, as you may know – has changed thanks to Google. Nowadays, the Internet has made consumers better informed and, as a result, they expect quality information and increasingly specific services. Now, they are the ones making contact – not the other way around.

Search engine positioning is critical for any organisation that wants to be present on the net. It is also crucial for visibility and traffic reasons. Because of this, companies are having to steer all their efforts towards improving their Internet positioning and focus their products and services on the client to reap higher financial gains.

Internet marketing automation

The emergence of technology like big data and artificial intelligence is enabling more automated advertising and online marketing. Companies need to step up their marketing game and seize the opportunity to save time and money thanks to IT. Implementing automation tools in your marketing strategy will help to optimise and better manage your digital advertising. The amount of time and money digital marketing automation can save you is significant. Plus, it also boosts performance by enhancing automatic processes. Marketing and sales departments are able to make better decisions based on more data and on a better knowledge of the customer thanks to automation. By adding automated tools to take care of sales in just a few minutes, you can also reduce your HR costs.

360 photos and videos

Major companies like Google and Facebook have been promoting 360-degree photos and videos for some time now. They are surfing the wave stirred up by camera and smartphone manufacturers to include still and motion pictures offering a panoramic view. 360 video is more recent than its photographic equivalent, but both advertisers and consumers, employees and customers, are clamouring for this new technology. People are getting used to seeing more visual and viral content. Not surprisingly, the next few months will bring more and more of this content as business organisations adjust their marketing strategies.

There is no doubt that good marketing strategies (SEO, email marketing, online marketing, etc.) are of prime importance for any organisation to hit their yearly sales targets. So, what is your company waiting for to start an Internet marketing strategy? It is bound to draw in the perfect customers.


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