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As new technologies and the Internet came bounding in they revolutionised the way companies and customers interact. The business sector cannot afford to ignore the potential this new market system has to offer. The reality is that today’s consumption model and customer-company relationship is different to just a few years ago.

Now, people go to the company to buy whatever goods they are interested in, and not the other way around.

That is because traditional marketing practice has fallen behind the times. In this day and age, terms such as web analytics, inbound marketing and marketing strategies are becoming widely known to the public at large, purely because they are such major trends in digital marketing.

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Inbound marketing is a technique used to draw in customers when they are not actively looking. This can be done by displaying content (copy, videos, pictures, infographics, etc.) on social media or other channels.

For any company wishing to grow and become better known on the market, this digital marketing strategy is an absolute must. Want to learn more? Take note of our advice.

Inbound marketing tips

We have prepared 6 top tips to ensure your inbound marketing is a success:

1. Attracting and consolidating leads
The inbound marketing work methodology works in four stages: attract, convert, close and delight. The first thing to do is generate content to get traffic flowing by creating a blog and defining a good SEO strategy. After attracting your customer, it is time to make a sale. Once you manage to close that sale, you want to be sure you make a lasting impression. This means creating an experience that delights your audience and builds a long-term emotional tie.

2. Quality content is king
Surely this catchphrase sounds familiar. It may seem like a cliché, but it is totally accurate. Nowadays, there are too many videos, adverts and data on the net. We are only drawn to things that stand out. Generating traffic means creating content. The key here is that it has to be quality content if you want the customer to stay.

3. Planning and adapting your strategy
It is important to understand that good web analytics depends on planning suitable marketing strategies for each channel and platform. A pizzeria will have a completely different digital marketing strategy to a mechanic, for instance. The good thing about inbound marketing is that it adapts to every kind of business. Plus, it allows you to plan a good marketing strategy by telling you everything you need to know about your campaign. Remember, with inbound marketing you can parametrise all your data and measure all your information.

“Today’s consumption model and customer-company relationship is different to just a few years ago”

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4. Quality SEO
The issue with Search Engine Optimization is much the same as with content. Google prioritises search quality over quantity. This ultimately extends to web pages. A well-optimised website in terms of SEO will be better rated and will, therefore, rank higher on the Google search list.

5. Process automation and cost saving.
Automating processes thanks to technology and IT tools leads to savings in costs and time. This is known as marketing automation. A good example would be the software used to launch campaigns and measure resulting data (SEMRush, Alexa, etc.). Also, the programs used to send content (Hootsuite, AgoraPulse, TweetDeck, etc.) and share it on social media from any electronic device.

6. Bigger impact and better communication with the customer
Combining quality content with good SEO results in a greater impact on the customer. This will strengthen your emotional ties with your audience since relationships are based on trust. Better communication will improve the company’s reputation, which means boosting sales and reaching a wider audience.

Had you already heard how to optimise inbound marketing in your digital marketing campaign? Now that you know, wait no longer! You will soon see how well you can engage your audience. Your SEO and web analytics will thank you for it!

If you would like to read more about the advantages of implementing a good inbound marketing strategy, Merca20 (Spanish), will tell you all about it.


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