The aim of every advertising campaign is to make an impact so that the brand or product stands out as much as possible. Here, creativity is the key. The best thing about creativity is that there are no limits, only imagination. Professionals, agencies and companies are tending to invest more resources in gaining relevance and boosting sales, at a time when going viral on the Internet is no longer as unlikely as it once seemed. To achieve that goal, you will need to be original and stand out when you talk about your products. We have selected 5 great ideas that led to brilliant creative advertising campaigns:

1. Tipp-Ex and the bear

Who could forget the A hunter shoots a bear campaign showing a hunter in the forest who comes across a bear? Just when watchers thought he was going to shoot, the man changed the story by grabbing some Tipp-Ex and deleting the word “shoots”, inviting Internet users to re-write the end of the story. The campaign became a game where users were encouraged to write new words and see how the end of the video would develop. It became one of the most viral ads in 2010, with dozens of millions of viewers.
But the campaign did not stop there! Eighteen months later, the brand revived its star characters to show them celebrating a birthday party when a meteorite is about to hit the Earth. This time, they deleted the date and asked Internet users to send it back or ahead to any point in time and let them celebrate their party in peace.

2. IKEA and its balconies.

In Spain, IKEA proved to the country that a well designed balcony, however large or small, can become the best place for memorable moments using the hashtag #amigosdelasterrazas, meaning ‘balcony friends’. The advert showed several different families welcoming the ‘Balcony Friends’ group into their homes to report the state of disrepair their balconies were in. The group would use augmented reality headsets to reassure the families that their problem was easy to solve by showing them how cosy and welcoming their balconies could really be. With a decidedly comical vibe, the campaign intended to make people realise their balcony’s potential and encourage them to make the most of it and enjoy their homes.

3. Aquarius and the #VenirseArriba hashtag

Aquarius has always launched advertising campaigns that stand out for their original and ground-breaking style. They all combine traditional elements with online features and appeal to people’s emotions, a tactic that never fails to grasp the consumer’s attention. One example is their most recent campaign ‘Uniforms’, launched under the creative concept of #VenirseArriba (which roughly translates as ‘giving your all’). Here, the brand pays a tribute to workers who overcome their personal and professional challenges on a daily basis, all tied in with drinking Aquarius.

4. Corona and their Save the Beach Hotel

Like Aquarius, Corona has been known to produce some very creative campaigns. One of the most famous of all showed a hotel built out of waste found on different beaches.
This way, the brand sought to be associated with environmental awareness and proved its commitment to caring for it by showing what our holidays would look like if we fail to look after our planet.

5. Eboca and #VasosconCV

Because not all creative advertising comes from the major brands, here is a great campaign that sought to boost employment. The vending firm Eboca designed exclusive paper cups made with the CVs of 12 professionals.
They used the hashtag #VasosconCV (CupswithCVs). The idea was to make life easier for 12 people who were looking for a job by printing their CVs on 300,000 disposable coffee cups which were dispensed at the company’s vending machines, taking them straight into the hands of potential employers.

Creativity is a highly effective factor in advertising campaigns and can make a real difference to a company’s sales. The mission with promotional communication is to attract the user’s attention and spark their interest towards a brand or product. And creativity is an extremely relevant part of the design process.

In a globalised world driven by technology, standing out from the competition is harder and more important than ever, making creativity a great asset to have.