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Making your web design look great is no mean feat, but there is a wide range of design tools out there to make your life easier, helping you to maximise your resources and boost productivity and efficacy. Different apps can be used to save time on your website design.

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Discover the tools you need for a flawless web design:



The best thing about this tool is that you can work with over 5000 different fonts such as Typekit, Fontdeck, and Google Web Fonts, all on one control panel. What can it do for your web design? You get to easily choose the typography you like for your publications, just as you would on a traditional desktop publisher or photography program. It allows you to create content columns and change your font by simply choosing from the options on the side bar and writing your text to see exactly how it will look on your website.


To create online prototypes in a very short space of time for a variety of different platforms: Android, iPhone, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Facebook… The interface is very user-friendly. Simply drag and drop the elements it offers you to build your wireframe. This is a wonderfully useful tool.


You will find this app extremely handy when you have to manage new file versions in the same project. Especially if that same file is being edited by several people. Conveniently manage every aspect of your web design project (communication with colleagues, file management, etc.) on the same interface. You can also add it to your toolbar, which means you can automatically save any changes in your files, folders etc. by syncing them in the LayerVault directory. This also means that your fellow project members will receive updates and can keep up-to-speed with any changes, as well as receiving notifications on other devices if you sync them too.


A great tool for simple, tidy web design. Codekit compiles all the biggest languages like Sass and LESS and optimises your files. You can also import frameworks, so if you include any files the program will try to find them inside the project you are working on and will then move on to your frameworks to include it if not.


This tool helps to transform your web designs into interactive prototypes with transitions and web animations to make your mockups super realistic. You can share a given design with all the people you want to work with or whoever you want to see your design, such as customers. This way, you can get a preview of your web design and adjust it to your liking before starting to develop it.

What web design tools have you tried? Did you find them useful? Do you think they could be helpful in upcoming projects?


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