What is a chatbot and how can it help your business?

In recent years, technology has opened up a world of tools for us to use in our daily lives, especially in professional contexts. Plenty of companies have managed to leverage the resources spawned by artificial intelligence. And one of the most important tools in the box are chatbots.

8 essential e-commerce trends in 2019

E-commerce is one of the fastest growing sectors in recent years. Online sales have shot up, especially since 2014 when mobile devices boomed as a crucial resource for industry and users. Nobody is oblivious to the fact that smartphones are naturally present in our lives, just as nobody would hesitate to buy online if they found a good deal.

web app vs native app: pros and cons

The mobile apps market has surged in recent years. So much so that more and more companies are looking to compete in this field, and understandably so – today’s consumers are multi-platform users who interact with companies using mobile devices.

Web design: discover the 2018 web design trends

Some say nothing has changed, that web design in 2018 will be the same as 2017, but the truth is that web design trends are constantly evolving. It isn’t a matter of changing your website all the time, but rather preventing it from falling behind in terms of design and technology.

Why does my website need a responsive design?

We live in a hyperconnected age where people are all linked together through a whole array of channels and applications. Mobile devices are the main reason for this, keeping us constantly connected wherever we go.

SEO y SEM: tips for a better marketing strategy

There are ever-more factors involved in defining a marketing strategy. Until quite recently, we were dealing with consolidated scenarios that followed specific established rules which were unequivocally applied in a variety of combinations to give rise to different strategies.

Online marketing strategy: what is web analytics?

In our last article, we told you all about web performance, loading and response times, and how important it all is for positioning purposes. We explained how analysing that information is crucial to keep your website neat, tidy and up-to-date at all times.

How does a website’s loading speed affect seo?

The speed at which your website and each web page loads is a factor you need to keep very much in mind for positioning purposes. The concept of Web Performance Optimisation (WPO) became highly relevant from the moment Google and other major search engines started to underpin its importance in site indexing.

Storytelling: tips for your online marketing strategy

Quite simply, to tell your story to the audience you want to hear it, knowing that they will be interested. Today, general marketing and online marketing techniques are not separate concepts – they are both part of an action set that revolves around the core element that is content.